Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Upcoming Travel

So I think that I have the basics of this thing the way that I want it and will be making changes as I get used to the darn interface, but that will mainly be cosmetic.

So the main reason that I started this is 

1) I was being pestered by a friend for more info on my trips (Love you M)
2) I wanted something a bit more substantial then Facebook posts to remember my adventures
3) Finally, I am about to take a trip to some amazing locations and I wanted to be able to share my misadventures.

So in the next six months I have trips planned that will take me to three continents, eight countries and will compete in three marathons and four triathlons.  While I am very excited, I have a feeling that I will be very tired.

My first excursion starts on Nov 5th, way too early in the morning, when I leave Doha for Istanbul. I am very excited to be in a city that bridges Europe and Asia, along with the Christian and Muslim religions.  I am in Istanbul for one night before I head to Central Turkey for the City of Goreme.  For hiking, hot air balloon rides and any other mischief I can get into.  I return to Istanbul for two days and then I am off to Athens where I will meet up with friends from Houston, that is if a strike does not interrupt transportation.  KNOCK ON WOOD.  We are getting together to run the Athens Marathon.  As you know, no Holly vacation is complete without a race. :)

After Athens, the group splits and a few of us are heading to Santorini and last but not least Prague.

Phew!  This is going to be a great 17 days.  I plan to post my adventures along the way.

Here is to a travel, shopping, friends, food and fun.  I can not wait.  Only one more day of work and then I can escape.  

My next post should be from Istanbul!

So for now, good night from Doha!

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