Sunday, November 13, 2011

Athens - Days 1, 2 and 3

So I arrived in Athens on Thursday morning about 9:45 and got to the apartment that we are renting at about 11AM. First of all, Athens is an interesting city with the old and new in a crazy juxtaposition. The apartment that we are staying at is a lovely three bedroom, three bath, two story apartment with an AMAZING view of the Acropolis.

It is fun living life in a city more like a local. Once I got into town I decided to explore my new neighborhood and see what I could find. This little exploration had me stimulating the Greek economy. I found a great fruit stand, coffee shop, clothes store and pasty shop to spend euro. After my wanders I headed back to the apartment to eat lunch and wait for Tina to take me on an Architectural Tour of Athens. The tour aw great and I learned lots of interesting items about the city, its more modern and ancient sites. Then I met Julia and Kevin who arrived at 6:00PM and we picked up some wine, cheese and bread and had quite the meal on the terrace since the weather was still nice. Then the others finally arrived after a delayed flight and we had a drink and then, for me at least, to sleep.

On Friday we took a day tour to Corinth (IE Paul's letters to the Corinthians), Mycenea and Nafploi. It was very very cool to walk in some of the same places as the apostles and multitudes of people over time. That night we went to O Kostas for dinner as recommended by the owner of the apartment. Ok this place was INCREDIBLE. It is run by one guy, there is no written menu, he just tells you what is available that night. He also provided home made Raki and wine. It was an amazing dinner and we might just go back on Monday.

Saturday took us to the Marathon Expo, not the best one that I have been to, but ok in general. From there we went to the Acropolis Museum which was great. I had been to the British Museum about a year ago and it is interesting how each side has its views on Elgins Marbles. I really enjoyed the new Acropolis Museum. They have done a phenomenal job and the exhibits are great.

From there we went o the Acropolis its self. There are a few things in the world that really make you shut up and appreciate. Before yesterday that list was of two items, the realDavid in the Academy in Florence and the Taj Mahal. Well you can now add the Acropolis to the list. It was utterly awe inspiring and breath taking (and not just because the crazy wind, LOL).

After visiting the acropolis and lunch we came back to the apartment o rest or he marathon.

Sunday - ok, so it is never cold in Athens, WRONG!!! The low today was 48 with a high of 53 with 20-25mph wind gusts. It was crazy cold for this race. Not only that this course is hilly, and for a girl living inDoha and mainly running on a treadmill this was tough. I did finish in a respectable 4:23:36. Not my best, not my worst, but ok. We have basically chilled this afternoon and are heading out to dinner t the Royal Olympic hotel to celebrate.

One more day in Athens and then off to Santorini!!!!

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