Wednesday, November 30, 2011


So I have been home for over a week now and I still have warm fuzzies thinking about my trip.  This was an amazing experience were I visited places where Ancient Civilizations lived, where the Apostles walked and where life has been lived to the fullest for centuries.

Just some few last thoughts, thanks and recommendations.

I have to say that I always enjoy travelling, but I loved this trip.  Turkey is amazing with so much history and culture.  There is also amazing food and people.  I can honestly say that I can not wait to return.  My hotels were great too and for that I have to thank Keri Stooksbury.  The Faros Hotel was great in a great location, close to everything that you want in Istanbul.  Then the CaravanseraiCave Hotel was fun as well with GREAT GREAT service.  While I was sad to say bye to Turkey, I was looking forward to Athens and meeting up with friends.

Once again, Athens was everything that I could have wanted and more, and the apartment that Julia found was AMAZING.  As there were six of us there to run the Athens Marathon and a seventh would show up later we decided that an apartment over hotel rooms were the way to go, and boy were we right.  The Acropolis View Alpha was stunning.  A very clean, modern and nice apartment with an amazing view.  The company just made the Apartment all the better.  What a great time that I had with Boun, Dora, Kevin, Benjamin, Marieke and Julia.  This was a great city that was so much better for being able to spend it with great people.

After Athens it was on to Santorini for some relaxation and peace.  It was interesting visiting the island in November as it was really empty, that was in ways nice and sad.  There was not the hustle and bustle of Athens, but it did make you wonder how the place would be in the spring/summer/early fall.  That said we had a great hotel room at the Aroma Suites.  The room was a little primitive, but everyone that worked there made you forget the small flaws.  What a great few days.

Finally it was on to Prague.  I wish that I had been able to stay for more then 36ish hours, but those hours were great.  Once again we had a great hotel and this time through sheer dumb luck.  I was cruising through TripAdvisor and thought that the Hotel Pod Vesi looked ok, and as it was in out price range I booked.  What a great little hotel.  It is right at the base of the Charles Bridge on the Castle side and the room was HUGE.  Perfect for the three of us.  In the short time that I was in Prague I saw the Castle, the old square, a Jazz performance, ate great food, drank good wine and cocktails and overall had a great time.  

I have been back in Doha for about a week and a half now and I wish that I was still out vacationing.  I am looking forward to the Holidays even though I will be here, and I must say that Thanksgiving was a ton of fun.  So it looks to be a good end of the year.  My intent is to write more frequently but we will have to see how that goes.  LOL.

Talk soon.

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